altrove open call

THERE/BACK – Thomas Dryden Kelsey

“Commute – Noun. A regular journey of some distance to and from one’s place of work. ‘the daily commute’ from Latin commutare, from com – ‘altogether’ + mutare ‘to change’. The average journey of a commuter is 59 minutes. My  journey from Wiltshire to London Paddington is 1 hour and 20 mins.  This project is a visual journal of my daily commute to London and back. This project is an observation of the commuters on their individual journeys. I’m interested in the lack of community and control when travelling en masse on public transport. I record the juxtaposition between the sleepy Wiltshire village and the melancholic whirl of travel to and from London. The following images are created using a 35mm point and click film camera, I like the lack of control when using film in this context as I feel this mirrors the lack of control when travelling on an our rail network.”

Dryden is a British documentary Photographer based in the UK. He works on long term social documentary projects across the UK.  As well as this he works on commissioned, independent and street photography.