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The Magical World of Bill Bollibin Bollory, Marchin Snare Drummer – Andrea Della Sala

The series resumes and carries over the photographic adventure inthe magic world of the drummer Bill Bollibin Bollory. The character appeared for the first time in 2008, in a short fantasy story, in which the humanity used to live in vertical cities and the ground was not visible due to a very thick fog. Using the suburbs of Brescia, this series leads us through and under that fog, turningambiances and places, usually anonymous and unsightly, intomysterious and suggestive scenarios.

Andrea della Sala was born in Desenzano d/G on October 26th 1986. After a short period at the Faculty of Philosophy in Milan and a training course in Electronic Music Production, in 2013 he began the degree course in New Technologies of Art at the SantaGiulia Fine Arts Academy of Brescia, graduating in 2017. Currently he’s working as a freelance videomaker.