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Paris Periph – Camille McOuat

These are summer street pictures of people taken outside peripherique of Paris. The Peripherique is a highway that demarcates the edge of the city. Like Paris, the suburbs are a bit dirty here for a Canadian like me, but unlike in Paris everything is very chilled out and slow. People smoke shisha and hashisch, hang out with their shirts off, and enjoy the parks.

Camille McOuat was born in May 1986 in Vancouver, Canada. She did her undergraduate studies at McGill University in Montreal, majoring in psychology. In her third year of studies she spent a semester at Hong Kong University and studied Mandarin in Beijing and Yunnan. It was during this time that she started taking photos. After McGill Camille started assisting stills photographers in Montreal and making an effort to learn French before moving to Paris in 2011. She did her first artistic series ‘it was so beautiful I died’ between 2011 and 2014, which was exhibited at Comptoirs Arlesiens in Arles, France in 2014 and was also published as a book. Since then her work has been shown in Istanbul (ALAN), Boston (the Distillery Gallery), Tel Aviv (WeWalls art fair), and Paris (OFR). Camille also works as a freelance photographer for the press, doing reportages and portraits for many different clients, most frequently Liberation and NEON magazine.