altrove open call

Meandri – Marco Pavone

Meandri consists of a series of diptychs. In these diptychs, the image represents two halves: one half symbolizes the residential buildings’ architecture, the other half stands for the human figure in an intimate moment. Each diptych is a single image without any separation between the two parts; it is a continuous surface which refers to a single situation. The architectural body expands until itbecomes a human body and vice versa, both are closely related and the marginality element is present in the physical space (the metropolitan buildings) as in the individual’s condition (the introspective space). The photographic project explores the urban environment and includes an analysis of the suburb in its broadest sense, trying to show an aspect of the complexity of the subject matter. The suburb is a space that can’t be replaced just at the hinterland but it takes over its peripheral areas. This is also because the city is ever-changing and continuously expandingbeyond its borders. There is rather a suburban dimension that pervades the metropolis – To feel an outsider and isolated it’s a mood that comes from the modern global society – where the bond between people and the collaboration are more and more on a virtual level.

Marco Pavone was born in Catania (Italy) in 1990. He gets the Bachelor’s Degree in Arts Technology at the Fine Arts Academy in Catania.
From 2014 he travels and works in Klaipeda (Lithuania), where he lives for almost a year, in Laos and in South-East Asia. At the end of 2016 he goes back in Italy to study the Master’s Degree in Photography at Fine Arts Academy in Naples, where he graduates in 2019.